We just bought a new convection oven and I must say, it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread really You can even fit two pizzas in it to cook.


I found the easiest way to dry mop our wood flooring. The scent smells of almonds when you’re finished.
I really like this site Emerald Place where I go

We bought a new fireplace for the office. It’s electric and emits heat as well.
This place is cozy

I really enjoy sitting by our fireplace in the office area. It really makes you feel cozy. I can’t wait to see
this ans try contacing them directly

No Cartoons Here!

If I did what I was thinking, I would end up looking like a cartoon chatimeracter. Not so pleasant. The funniest part? I ended up having to go to a school function with my hair this way. A friend of mine was nice enough to get me a darker color and thankfully I was able to save myself from looking totally foolish for a long time.








I also remember watching these as a kid!

Well, atleast I do not have to worry about getting my laser hair removal put off bc of my hair styles..


There are a few times when I absolutely link that I will not be able to get on with making the picnic sandwiches for lunch each day. I have a really good job, but sometimes I do think that I may fair better with another position. However, there are times that I am very thankful that I have a job too. One of those reasons is because a lot of people that I know do not have jobs. So, I am thankful I am work. Also, I do make enough so that I can get botox when I absolutely need it. That is awesome :)

Here are some other picnic ideas too.

If I Could See The World

I think there are a lot of time in people’s live where they realize that they would like to begin a new venture. Something exciting and not so much like the adventures that they have had before. This is something that a lot of people set out to do, but for some reason or another, they are not able to do it. I think there are many things that prevent people from following their dreams.

Check this link out too:

Walky Walks Again!

We’re finally able to go for our morning walks again. I don’t’ know what people do that live in the snow states. It has been hard enough for us to stay inside during the winter months. Of course if you asked anyone from up north they would probably think that we are crazy and that it’s extremely warm outside.

For us, who’s blood is a bit thinner, it’s cold, really cold. However, over the last week we’ve actually been able to go on our walks again without freezing. It’s going to be a great season.

Easy Essay

What things are “easy”?  That’s the question I need to answer for a survey.  So far, I’ve found easy scholarships to apply for, easy home repairs, easy home remedies, easy surround sound fixes.  I’m sure there are plenty more.  I like that word “easy”, much better than difficult.  It would be nice if everything were easy in the world.  It’s great to have all of the technology that we have today in order to research things that years ago wasn’t so easy, you really had to search for things, in the newspaper, on the television, or in an encyclopedia.  So, I suppose things have been getting easier.


Flowers are such a pretty thing to look at.  From afar.  I don’t know about you but it seems that I cannot for the life of me keep flowers alive for anything.  I have tried different techniques, checked many blogs.  I’ve even written on my calendar a schedule for watering so that I don’t forget.  No matter what I do, I somehow still get caught up in everyday life and somehow forget to take care of them.  There’s got to be a better way.  I have even been demoted in my wacky scholarships group from taking care of the plants around the classroom, ha.  So, my journey to the care taking of flowers continues.  Perhaps I should just stick with the harsher plants that you could basically set on fire and they will still live.


Sometimes technology is good and other times, not so much. I think I could do without all of the cell phone calls that I receive. That part of technology I don’t care for, unless you need to make an emergency call of course, then it’s good.  Or when I need to call a friend from consolidation loans for people with bad credit to get a ride to my appointment.   It’s funny to think about the times before we had cell phones, I try to remember, what did we do to reach someone or ask them a simple question? Well, we dealt with it back then because there wasn’t much else we could do. I’m glad we’ve come up to speed.


New recipes are so exciting to make. It seems that it’s much more expensive to make a good recipe though. Back in my grandmothers day, it didn’t cost much to make something from scratch. It seems that now, you can just drive to go get a pizza for about $5 whereas getting all of the ingredients for a great meal, you may have to spend up to $20.  This is however to me much more exciting than reading my anatomy and physiology study guide.  So, I will trade for the extra money.

Weight Loss Shake

A friend of mine and I tried this new weight loss shake called total soy. You can get it online or at your local Sam’s club if you have one. It works wonders. A few girls from my no essay scholarships group have tried it and have been very successful at loosing quite a bit of weight. Well, we’ve been going strong with it for over a month and I have lost about 15 lbs already. I am definitely impressed. The best part is, it tastes great also.

New Places

We are going to a new church service on Friday night and a group of my friends are going with me. We decided to live a little and try something new. The good news is that they serve coffee and donuts although I’m not sure if they do on Friday night. We just moved into town and now that i’ve started with my quick scholarships school group, we’re meeting new people and trying new things. It’s good to try out new things to see what works best for you before you get settled. It adds excitement.

Music Class

Our daughter is going to be signing up for music class and we cannot be more excited about it. She eventually wants to be in a Christian band when she gets older, she wants to be an artist as well. She loves music, so much so that she’s asked for a guitar for Christmas. It is so exciting that she has extra curricular activities, especially since she is homed schooled.  Now I can focus on my best term life insurance companies campaign while she’s doing her music.

Home Schooling

Home schooling has changed so much over the years. Years ago, when you thought of home schooling, you probably imagined a child sitting at the kitchen table with their mother doing work, no socializing, just a hermit. Now they have online activities that they can participate in and see other children via a web cam. They also have outside field trips so that they can communicate with other home schooled children. When they are older, they can take real life classes like how to consolidate debt or debt maintenance.  It’s a wonderful blessing.


Squirrels are quite bold and can be very funny sometimes. We were out yesterday having a picnic in the park, minding our own business. We brought our new picnic basket that we got last Christmas for a present and we packed some sandwiches and some apple sauce. We had some water and some crackers also. We were just unpacking everything, making the sandwiches, getting ready to eat when a squirrel, believe it or not came down out of a tree and grabbed one of our sandwiches. Just like that, without worrying if we were going to hurt him or not. I couldn’t believe it.

It happens sometimes too when I’m eating my lunch on the merit based scholarships campus, they’ll just come up and take whatever you have.

Out To Dinner

We are going out to eat on Friday, we are trying a new chinese restaurant that is close by us that we haven’t been to. We haven’t been to any of the chinese restaurants in our area actually. It will be interesting as there was only one good one around the old place we lived in. This one looks pretty good so I’m looking forward to it. That’s all I can seem to think about today while I’m trying to do some of my class work for eliminate your credit card debt, there is so much paperwork, I’d rather think about food.

New Carpet

Having a carpet cleaner is such a blessing to have. I can’t believe I didn’t invest in one sooner than now. I’ve always lived in places that had carpets to clean, just never really saw the benefit. Until I got one for myself of course. I used mine for the first time last night, it wasn’t that much of a big deal, it was quite easy actually. The results are phenomenal, it looks and feels fantastic.  I got the idea of a good carpet cleaner from an ad I saw in teds woodworking review.  Everyone should have one.